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Statistics show 93% of customers will pay more if they receive high quality customer service when making a purchase.


Mystery Shopping & Secret ShopperFocus Plus Service Auditors is an independent Customer Service Monitoring Company which provides your business with a clear and concise evaluation of the standards of your Customer Service.

Focus Plus generates a personalised 'Mystery Shopping' Program tailored for your business. Performed on a regular basis, 'Mystery Shopping' Audits encourage staff integrity and accountability, ensuring staff are projecting the right image. All programs are created to coincide with your KPI's*, merchandise placement and promotional activity.

Service Auditing gives your business that competitive edge. Focus Plus Service Audits are best used as a tool for Staff development and training, perfect product placement and to promote positive customer relationships.

With 'brand loyalty' becoming a thing of the past and 'price matching' common in all market sectors, the one thing that sets you apart from your competition is your Customer Service and the level of satisfaction your customers feel.

As you know it is the little things that make all the difference!



What is Customer Service Monitoring?

Also known as Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping, Customer Service Monitoring is the appraisal of Staff performance in Customer Service during the shopping experience.

While posing as a potential customer, Focus Plus agents record all aspects of the sales process on a personally designed Service Audit. The data is collected and entered in our strict Quality Control Program. Confirmed data is recorded into specifically designed reports for Management examination.

Don't lose your potential customers once they have approached your business.

It is 6-7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain the one in front of you!

Why Monitor My Customer Service?

Your Customer Service is what sets you apart from your competitors. You need to know it is of the highest quality at all times to maximise all sales opportunities. By monitoring and measuring Customer Service performance regularly, you can pinpoint your Employees weakness and strengths during the sales process.

A large percentage of a company budget is concentrated on training and advertising. By monitoring Customer Service and sales process we assess how well Staff use the training tools they have been given. It is vital that all Staff are proficient in Cross Selling, Up Selling and Following Up as foundation sales skills.

The constant monitoring of Customer Service assists in developing programs to increase company profits, achieve motivated and enthusiastic staff and most importantly satisfied and returning customers.

*KPI's Key Performance Indicators

Are you a retail business owner? Perhaps you don’t make it into your shop every day, and need to be sure that your staff are giving the best customer service there is. Focus Plus has the solutions for mystery shopping, secret shopper, customer service as well as staff training and market research services.

Customer service monitoring can help your business increase customers and profits. It provides your business with a clear and brief evaluation of the standards of your customer. These reports can then be used for staff training and development. One of the best ways to judge the quality of your staff training in customer service is to use a secret shopper service. With the use of our secret shopper service, you can get detailed reports of employee customer service skills and monitor the effectiveness of your staffs customer service standards.

Focus Plus excels in this practice, and delivers to you audit reports on all sectors of your business, from walk in mystery shopping, to market research with your existing as well as new customers in your area. With Focus Plus, we ensure your businesses needs are always met.